Monínec during the pandemic

02. November 2020

Current restrictions and rules on Monínec. We do our best for your comfort and safety.

The complex of Monínec is closed until 20 November

Reception opening hours: Monday - Sunday: 08:00 - 16:00 

* only for receiving telephone and email reservations

Where do you need to wear face coverings?

On the chairlift? Yes...

In line with the Decree of the Ministry of Health, anyone taking the chair lift must cover their mouth and nose while they ride. We would ask you to be considerate and wear a face covering on the chair lift. 

In the restaurant? Yes and no...

Face coverings are mandatory in the restaurant building. You can only remove them when you are actually eating or drinking.

Inside? Yes and no...

Face coverings are mandatory in all buildings throughout the country. You can, of course, take them off when you are in your own room. 

Pool and sauna? No...

There is an exception to the rule for indoor pools and saunas. There you can take your face covering off.

Please, be careful and wear face mask

Measures within the resort

  • All guests are provided with the chance to disinfect their hands when entering the restaurant or the terrace.
  • Tables and the arms of chairs are disinfected before new guests are seated at a table.
  • Disinfectants are also provided at all washbasins in the toilets. 
  • Cutlery is carefully sanitised and wrapped.
  • All drinking glasses are washed in hot water and sanitised with a certified sanitising product.
  • We always use certified single-use packaging for take-away meals.
  • Staff are required to disinfect their hands when switching from one task to another (serving, clearing away dishes from tables, taking payment).
  • Our staff’s work attire is regularly disinfected.
  • All staff are aware of and are trained in the principles of prevention.
  • Indoor areas are regularly and thoroughly ventilated, the entire premises are disinfected every day, and critical points, such as door handles, wash basins, and toilets, are frequently disinfected.


  • The chairlift is regularly disinfected.
  • Visitors have the opportunity to disinfect their hands close to the point at which they board the chairlift.
  • When waiting to board the chairlift, passengers must keep a distance of 2 metres from each other.
  • We would ask all visitors to regularly disinfect their hands, wear face coverings, and keep a distance of 2 metres.