1. Get a e-skipass card
You can get the e-skipass card at the cashdesk in the complex or in the Intersport stores in Prague. You can find a list of them here.

2. Go to the e-shop

3. Ticket selection
If you want to buy ski passes for an individual couple or group, choose a basic ticket. If you are shopping for a family, select the package option.

4. Select the ticket parameters
Enter the type of fare, the person and do not forget to enter the CORRECT VALIDITY DATE only for the selected day.

5. Find out the price
After click on this button, you will see the price of the selected tariffs.

6. Fill in the WTP number of your card
On the other side of the ski pass is the number XXXXXXXX / XXX - XXX

7. The tariff is stored in the basket
Now, you can go to cart and pay yours tariffs.

8. Payment
By card - online, activation is immediate.

9. Have fun!
From the car you can go straight to the turnstiles to the cable car.