The Trigema Group is a developer company with activities overlapping into other fields.

The Trigema Group is a developer company with activities overlapping into other fields. We have our own construction company, which has become the foundation of Trigema in its current form. We are also engaged in building and facility management, and we operate science and technology parks, which we designed and built. Trigema also operates the Monínec sports and recreational complex, the current appearance of which they were also involved in.
Historie since 1994

Trigema clever living

New Trigema apartments are built within the scope of the Clever Living concept. This concerns a package of residential project parameters, which fulfil the definition of smart living as a whole. As well as preparation for intelligent systems, additional properties may include green living, emphasis on health and safety, all public amenities within walking distance of the project, a location several steps from public transport and an appropriately set price. The result is satisfactory living for our clients.

Developer with overlaping activities

he Trigema Group currently consists of fifty companies arranged into a group structure with an equity of approx. CZK 1.0 billion. The Trigema system is based on mutual collaboration between the companies and centralisation of individual activities, which enables effective work by individual companies, which are able to focus on a specific product or service. Individual companies specialise in development, construction, facility management, tourism, on science and research and other areas.


The Trigema Company entered the sector of congress tourism and tourism in 2007. It prepared a developer project for a hotel and congress centre, which it built in Roztoky u Prahy. The company subsequently also renovated and modernised the Monínec sports resort, which it is now the majority owner and operator of. Development plans become independent tourist facilities over time. 

The following are currently in operation: the year-round Monínec Complex with leisure and accommodation capacities, The Trigema Company operates this restaurant; the Cyberdog Science and Technological Centre, which was opened in Autumn 2018. We are also preparing tourist destinations, e.g.: the Dog in Dock winery or Samoty complex.

Science and technology parks

One interesting option for long-term investment is science and technological parks intended for research and science. Trigema prepares and realises construction of buildings and subsequently leases them to commercial companies and government institutions. 

The Science and Technological Park in Roztoky u Prahy and the Roztoky Science Park are now completed. 

Social responsibility

Trigema remains one of the main partners of Centrum Paraple (Association of Paraplegics) and continues to actively support it. In 2019 Centrum Paraple and Trigema both celebrated their 25th anniversary.

Czech Photo is a charitable association, which holds the prestigious Czech Press Photo competition every year. It became one of the operators of the Czech Photo Centre – a modern multi-functional exhibition space in Prague 5 in the location of Stodůlky, right next to Nové Butovice metro station, in October 2016. Trigema is a general partner.

Trigema has also supported the Toulava project for a number of years. This project includes the tourist area located on the boundary between South and Central Bohemia and also includes the Monínec Resort, which Trigema operates.