Vítek of Prčice Museum

Monínec is located in the beautiful region of Toulava, which stretches along the border between Central and South Bohemia and lies in the middle of the route between Prague and Šumava. It stretches from Sedlčany to Bechyně, from Mladá Vožice to Milevsko and across the broad area around the town of Tábor. It lies proudly among the green peaks alternating with river valleys and sloping down to the marshy wetlands, between small towns and picturesque villages.

Discover the romantic ruins and forts on the hills and cliffs above the river.

Vítek of Prčice Museum

The most famous noble family, a new castle and the brewing industry. At first glance this combination seems a little unusual, but quite the opposite, everything is linked to the Vítek of Prčice Museum in Sedlec-Prčice.

During the Mediaeval Era the Czech state was one of the most powerful countries in Europe. The powerful Vitkov Family was the foremost family in the country and always stood by the side of the Czech Kings at that time. The Vítkov family was founded by a native from Prčice. 

Vítek of Prčice

Noble feasts have gone hand-in-hand with a good brew since ancient times.

When you visit the museum you can become acquainted not only with the lives of the most powerful Czech noble family, but also with the secrets of the history of brewing. Vítek of Prčice beer is brewed here according to ancient recipes, so no “batch” has exactly the same flavour. And you can also take part in beer competitions or a real Vítkov Feast.

How to get there?

The museum is 5 km away from Monínec. Set out in the direction of Jetřichovice and continue on to the town of Sedlec-Prčice.