10 commandments FIS

The Ten commandments for behaviour on the Ski slopes

Just like road users, there are rules and regulations for skiers; Since February 2009, Czech legislation follows a worldwide trend. These rules, thanks to the hard work of Mountain Rescue Service of the Czech Republic have become the norm. If you have to listen to these rules again it may be in a court of law, so don’t take them lightly!

1. Be considerate to other skiers and snowboarders

Every skier or snowboader must always behave so as not to endanger or prejudice others

  • Not to harm or damage can mean
  • not waving ski poles
  • wear skis correctly
  • not to use people as slalom
  • allow plenty of space for children and beginners
  • etc..

2. Control of speed and direction

Every skier or snowboarder must move in control. His speed and manner of skiing must be adapted to their abilities, terrain, snow and weather conditions, as well as traffic density.

  • To be adapted means
  • as a beginner do not ski on black runes
  • always keep a safe breaking distance
  • when it’s foggy or snowing heavily, ski slowly
  • slow down before changes in direction or steepness of the mountain
  • no racing
  • etc.

3. Choice of route

A skier or snowboarder coming from behind must choose his lane so as not to endanger skiers in front of him.

When overtaking think of

  • unpredictable movement of skiers in front of you
  • be aware of speed and movement when overtaking
  • lookout for unexpected braking
  • don’t overtake next to the edge of slope
  • watch your back, stop and look around somtimes
  • etc..

4. Overtaking

Overtaking can be from top or bottom, left or right, but only from a distance, giving enough space to the overtaken skier or snowboarder for all his movements.

  • All directions

5. Before entering and starting

Every skier or snowboarder who wants to enter the ski slopes or wants to start again after stopping, must look up and down to make sure that they can do so without danger to themselves or others.

  • look around before you start skiing
  • look up to check who is above
  • a grooming vehicle or snowmobile can even be below
  • start smoothly preferably from the edge of the slope
  • be aware of hard to see changes of direction or surface
  • always slow down when slopes cross
  • etc..

6. Stop

Every skier or snowboarder must avoid stopping on narrow or blind spots on the piste. A skier or snowboarder who has fallen, must clear this area as soon as possible .

When and how to avoid troubles

  • after falling, immediately look if anyone is above
  • put on and take off your boots at the edge of the slope
  • always stop before a change in the angle of decent
  • to be seen well on turns, we recommend stopping at the outside edge of the piste
  • pay extra attention when the slope narrows and never stop there
  • avoid standing below ice patches or bumps
  • atp.

7. Climb and Descent

A skier or snowboarder either climbing or proceeding on foot must keep to the side of the piste..

Other dangers

  • its hard to dodge non skiers on the slope
  • don’t step out on the piste as skiers won’t expect it
  • při kraji choďte i pro ztracené věci po pádu
  • Always watch who’s above

8. Respect Signs

Every skier or snowboarder must respect all signs and markings.

  • Signs are important
  • reduce speed near signs
  • signs can mark boundries where entering is illegal
  • ignoring signs can invalidate your insurance
  • beware, fallen ropes or signs can be hard to see
  • etc..


In case of accidents, every skier or snowboarder is duty bound to provide first aid.

It can happen to anyone of us

  • check status of fallen skier
  • call the mountain rescue service
  • if unsure just administer basic first aid
  • always remember to mark the accident with crossed skis
  • etc..

10. Identity obligation

Every skier or snowboarder, whether a witness or participant, whether responsible or not, is required in the event of an injury, to supply their personal data.

  • yes that’s right, it’s your obligation
  • your testimony can help the injured!
  • some injuries can be detected later, when its to late
  • running away from the accident is forbidden and is punnishable
  • do not risk a spoiled holiday always cooporate with the mountain rescue service
  • etc..

Anyone who violates the Ten Commandments may be banned from the ski resort !!!

Emergency numbers
Fire service(HZS): 150
Ambulance: 155
Police ČR: 158
Integrovaný záchranný systém: 112
Policie ČR Votice: +420 974 871 760
HZS Tábor – communications: +420 950 221 109
+420 950 221 110
HZS Tábor – pplk. Ing. Hojsák Petr: +420 725 035 500
Fire service Příbram: +420 950 831 111
Fire service Sedlec-Prčice: +420 602 666 150
Středočeská electric – emergency: +420 840 850 860
Town hall Sedlec-Prčice: +420 739 588 626
+420 722 128 780
Town services Sedlec-Prčice Kaňka: +420 7733 193 690
Director Monínec s.r.o.: +420 603 239 666
Head of services: +420 739 396 227
Chief LD: +420 739 396 227
Railway inspection Plzeň – Petr Mencl: +420 736 521 058
Railway inspection Prague communications: +420 736 521 001