Frequently asked questions

Snow at temperatures above zero

What is snowfactory

Snowfactory is new technology wich allows us to produce snow at temperatures of up to +15°C. This is a cell in which the cooling system which produces tiny ice crystals, and subsequently blows out a pile.

Are there used some chemicals to produce this snow?

No. The whole process depends only on water. The cell (container) in which the process takes place acts as a very powerful freezer, which freezes the water deeply until it removes all moisture. As a result, a dry environment is created in the pile of snow, in which the snow does not melt, but evaporates, and so it continues to cool itself.

Parking by the ski slope

Isn't there a risk of chaos in crowded parking lots?

It shouldn‘t happen. There are staff supervising each car part during the winter season. Parking capacity is over 550 vehicles and is free of charge. Even so, we recommend car sharing.

And what about the driveway at busy traffic congestion times?

Yes, the risk is there. In this issue PCR (Czech Police) really help. Despite this again we advise with regard to the environment, for more skiers to share cars.

Have you any security issues in the carpark?

The area is continuously monitored by Police patrols. Parking is also monitored by CCTV.


What direction does the slope face?

It is a north-facing slope.

Can I skis and ski boots be rented on site?

Yes. You don't even have to book the equipment, there is enough of it. There are three rental shops in the resort. Intersport rent for all incoming guests and then in each ski school for visitors using the lessons.

Where can I leave my skis when I go for something to eat?

You can leave your skis in front of the hotel on the ski stands. There’s also a “lyžárna”, or ski room, in the hotel where you can also leave your skis. Other stands are also right next to the M2 restaurant.

Wouldn't it be possible to increase the speed of cash registers?

To increase the speed of check-in at the box office, we have launched the E-ski pass project, through which you can buy ski tariffs online. All you have to do is keep the chip card with you when you leave the premises.

When buying a skipass, can it be used on the chair lift and all ski lifts in the resort?

Yes, an average ski pass is valid for the chair lift and all ski lifts, including the snowpark.

Can you increase the speed of the cable lift?

Our priority is the safety of skiers and traffic flow. So we’d rather not. Many small children come to us, who need assistance when getting on, and therefore it is safer to drive slowly. In the case of bad weather, the time increases due to adjustments.

Do you have any regular application times for artificial snow?

Artificial snow is usually applied in periods when there is no skier on the slopes. In very exceptional circumstances, where there is no natural snow, artificial snow is applied even during the day, in the presence of people on the slopes. Experience speaks clearly. Visitors are willing to accept this inconvenience as we are able to provide artificial snow due to a lack of natural snow on the slopes.

Possibility of effecting the quality of the snow?

We do our best to keep the quality of snow and slopes well-groomed! It is a very important aspect of our service. In general we can say that up to the end of February, the snow is great. When the temperature rises, it may result in a lower quality of slope surface.

I want to teach children to ski by myself, is Moninec appropriate for this?

Ideal. The hotel downhill is perfect for individual tuition. The school slope is only for children with instructors from the ski-school.

I would like to join a ski course or summer cycling course. What can I do for it?

The easiest way is to contact the hotel reception. Leave all the rest to us. Write to

When is night skiing available?

At the beginning of the winter season, night skiing is always possible from Tuesday to Saturday. After the start of operation of the cable lift, it works every day of the week. V případě ukončení večerního lyžování z důvodu soutěží nebo jiných akcí najdete tyto informace v oznámení na hlavní stránce webu střediska nebo na Facebooku.

How does the tariff hours of season work?

The advantage of this tariff is that the time is only counted when actually skiing. This means that if you want to relax, time will not be counting down. The countdown stops if you don’t pass through the entrance gate within 30 minutes.

Is the service e-skipas safe?

100%. This service was up and running last year and it had been tested. It saves time needlessly lost in the queue for the cash register, thus using your purchase most effectively. In addition, online shopping is cheaper.

Is it possible to pay by card on Monínec?

Yes. You can pay by card at the hotel, in the M2 restaurant and in winter at the ski pass ticket office. For ski passes, however, it is necessary to pay a deposit on the chip card - in cash. Nejbližší bankomat se nachází v Sedlci u České spořitelny, kde jsou i různé druhy obchodů.

Can I also pay by card for a ski pass deposit (chip card)?

Unfortunately, a deposit for ski passes (CZK 100) must be paid in cash.

What if I don't want to pay a deposit of CZK 100 per chip card?

You can also buy a single use card. This card costs CZK 20.

Do you accept Sodexo Flexipass vouchers?

We do not accept any Sodexo vouchers.

Do you have a children's corner in the resort?

There is a children's playroom in the resort. You can also use the babysitting service here.

Is there anything to do at Monínec for non-skiers and small children?

Yes. You can sledge or sleigh next to the hotel slope, and snow tubing and other attractions are also available. The resort naturally also offers plenty of sports activities and wonderful relaxation in the summer too. There are many fascinating places to see.

What if I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to get onto the ski-lift?

If you’re not sure of your skills in getting onto the ski-lift, or if you’re getting on with children or someone with physical disabilities and you need assistance, ask the attendee for help.

What if the ski-lift stops working?

Sometimes technology can fail, and if the ski-lift stops working during opening hours, please wait at the ticket office for further information. We’ll first need to ascertain how serious the fault is and whether it can be quickly repaired. If we’re unable to restart the ski-lift, we’ll provide you with the corresponding ticket price reimbursement, so please keep hold of your ski pass.


How can I find out whether there are any vacancies on my dates?

There’s a booking form on our website so simply choose your accommodation (hotel, guest houses, apartments) and dates of stay, and rooms and offers will be displayed which are available for your dates, along with the current price. You can use this online booking service to immediately book a room. Our online booking is the fastest, simplest and surest way to book your accommodation.

Where to park?

Right outside the hotel is a car park with 60 places, the restaurant M2 (at the entrance to the lift) has parking for 500 cars. Guests staying in suites have private covered parking. Parking in the resort Monínec center is free.

Is the car park guarded?

Yes, the car park is monitored by CCTV and there are regular checks by the Police.

Will I connect to the Wifi with you?

Yes. WiFi coverage can be found throughout the hotel and restaurant M2. You will connect in the whole resort, on the ski slope and in all accommodation facilities - hotels, pensions, apartments.

Can you offer all-inclusive / full board / half board?

Accommodation only includes breakfast, but you can choose from a varied daily menu at reasonable prices every day, or order from our permanent one-minute menu. Some special offers or accommodation packages also include meals. For example, Accommodation Deluxe.

How to check in?

Take the asphalt road around the restaurant M2 and sports center up to the hotel, passing under the bridge which crosses the ski slope. The path length is approximately 800 meters. At the reception fill out the card for guests and collect the keys for the room or apartment accommodation. On the basis of a completed card, the receptionist who entered your data into the computer, will issue the bill for payment. On the day of departure you must hand over the keys by 11:00 am back to the hotel reception. If you are interested, a later departure can be arranged at reception for a surcharge of 200 CZK, if your room is not already booked by other guests on the day of departure.

Is it possible to smoke inside the apartment?

Monínec hotel, pension and aprtments are all non-smoking..

What about check-out? Do I really have to leave at 11 in the morning?

Regular check-out is indeed until 11 am. However, if your room is available on a given day, it is possible to arrange a later departure at the reception. Don't be afraid to ask.

We are a family with three children. Can you accommodate us together, or at least in adjacent rooms?

For families with children, we offer 3-bed rooms, which can accommodate an extra bed or offer you two adjoining rooms, which are interconnected. There are also appartments suitable for bigger families.

Finance and payments

Can I pay by Euros?

Sorry, currently no.

Can I pay by card?

Yes. You can pay by card at the hotel, in the M2 restaurant and in winter at the ski pass ticket office. The nearest ATM is located in Sedlec near Česká spořitelna, where there are also various types of shops.

How about discounts?

We have prepared special discount packages and one-off events you for. Individually we offer bulk discounts and discounts for repeated stays. We often send discount codes and information about special offers to guests who are registered to newsletter. We also provide discounts for children, seniors and the disabled.


Is there anything to do at Monínec for non-skiers and small children?

Yes. You can sledge or sleigh next to the hotel slope, and snow tubing and other attractions are also available. The resort naturally also offers plenty of sports activities and wonderful relaxation in the summer too. In addition to the Activities park, which is directly in the resort, there are also many interesting places to see. Information about tourism in the area can be found on the Toulava website.

Where can I put my bike?

Directly on the ground floor near reception, you can use the lockable bike store. In the event of a large number of bikes it is possible to use the lockable garage at the pension.


Where can I complain?

You can complain directly to the reception, to the operating (, or the director of the resort (

Can we organize school trips / sports courses / corporate events at Monínec?

Yes. Contact us at and find out more about events we organise and discounts available.

Can I go to the pool and sauna, even if im not staying at the hotel?

Yes the swimming pool and sauna are available to the public. Book/reserve at reception.