Family trail

A safe new track, suitable for children and beginners, or for everyone who doesn’t need so much adrenaline in their head when they’re riding downhill...

The new bike track, which could be called a “Family Trail“, is on the main ski slope in the Monínec Complex, and offers a number of bends, waves and small jumps, as well as a slightly rocky forest passage and a tunnel. The total length of the track is around 3 kilometres.

The track’s author is Michal Severa and other instructors from Josef Dressler’s team. “Everything is designed so that riders aren‘t afraid, so that they feel safe, and above all have fun riding their bike on the track. And it doesn’t matter whether their five or sixty five. However, the trail will entertain even more experienced riders,“ Dressler describes the track. Thanks to this, the Monínec bike part is becoming a place where the whole family can ride.

On the occasion of the opening of the new track, a one-day Dressler Camp training session will take place in Monínec on Thursday the 28th of September, where all those interested can try out the new track, but even more importantly perfect their mountain biking skills with an experienced team of instructors headed by Josef Dressler. The training will cover basic “dry” skills, on obstacles and then also on all current tracks. “We believe that, thanks to the new trail and the opportunity to save energy by taking the cable car uphill, it will be a super day on which we’ll show everyone that a bike is the best toy in the world,” adds Dressler.

We therefore invite all bike families to visit us over the weekend and try out the new track. And then send us your feedback, so we know what to improve by the spring!

Pricelist of chairllift

Pricelist Person Price
1 one way Adult 85 CZK
1 one way child, senior over 60 years old 65 CZK
1 way back Adult 130 CZK
1 way back child, senior over 60 years old 90 CZK