The Renaissance fort in Vrchotice

Monínec is located in the beautiful region of Toulava, which stretches along the border between Central and South Bohemia and lies in the middle of the route between Prague and Šumava. It stretches from Sedlčany to Bechyně, from Mladá Vožice to Milevsko and across the broad area around the town of Tábor. It lies proudly among the green peaks alternating with river valleys and sloping down to the marshy wetlands, between small towns and picturesque villages.

Discover the romantic ruins and forts on the hills and cliffs above the river.

The Renaissance fort in Vrchotice

The village of Vrchotice with its fort is located in the landscape of Český Merán, not far from the town of Sedlec-Prčice. We do not know whether the fort was here when Thain Bohuněk Vrchota of Vrchotice, thanks to whom Vrchotice is first mentioned in writing, ruled and even the names of the authors of its current Renaissance appearance remain hidden to us.

Vrchotice Fort

As well as taking in the romantic view of the rectangular storied building of Vrchotice Fort and the adjoining massive four-sided bastion with its typical Renaissance roof and tower, we also recommend you visit Vrchotice Great Pond, surrounded by forests and beautiful nature, which is just several hundreds of metres away.

How to get there?

Set out by foot or by car along the public roads in the direction of Jetřichovice and then on to Vrchotice, the route is 4.5 km.

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